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The Narrow Road to the Deep North


The Narrow Road to the Deep North
Richard Flanagan 
 (Recent Prize Winner)

What made you start reading this novel?

I enjoy reading novels with suspense and interesting topics. The narrow road to the deep north is about the second world war and the japanese laborcamps, so this book immediately sparked my interest.

Describe the novel in a tweet


About a man, struggeling with self acceptance and accepting love in a time when he needs to be strong for his men.

What makes this novel interesting?

The thrilling events in this book are so tensive they keep you on the edge of your seat and leave you wanting to read more. It’s a heavy topic and sometimes will be described with quite some gruesome details, but this is never just to be scary or exciting, it always serves a purpose for the story. It’s very well written.

Is there a novel you would recommend after reading this one with same theme, setting or topic? If so, indicate which one and why.

A God in Ruins, by Kate Atkinson. It’s also about the effects of the war on a man who fought in it.

In what categories would you place this novel?

Second World War



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