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The Sense of an Ending


The Sense of an Ending
Julian Barnes
(Recent Prize Winner)

What caused you to read the novel? What did you like about it?

I was searching for a book on rookreading. The summary seemed interesting and it wasn’t a very long story. I also still had tor ead a recent prize winner, so that’s why I chose this novel.

Describe the novel in a tweet


The novel starts with a flashback. Tony tells us about his youth at university. After that he tries to make contact with friends.

What makes this novel interesting?

It is an interesting novel because it’s flashback shows us the character’s life when he was as young as we are now. But it is written from the view of a retired man.

In what categories would you place this novel?

old friendships, psychology




One comment on “The Sense of an Ending

  1. In it Julian Barnes reveals crystalline truths that have taken a lifetime to harden. He has honed their edges, and polished them to a high gleam.

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