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reading can seriously damage your ignorance

American Psycho


American Psycho
Bret Easton Ellis
(Free Choice)

What caused you to read the novel? What did you like about it?

I saw the movie and then I found out there was a book about it. I enjoyed the movie so I thought it would also be an enjoyable and interesting novel.

Describe the novel in a tweet


It is about a guy who goes to the gym a lot to work out, killing a lot of women, and is really fixated on his looks and hygiene.

What makes this novel interesting?

The thing that made the novel the most interesting for me was the story. But also that it is very detailed. Every little thing is written down and it gives you a splendid image of the story,.

In what categories would you place this novel?

thriller and murder

Which novel would you recommend after reading this one?

The Collector, it is also about kidnapping. It is a little bit more difficult but also good to read. I prefer Room more, but The Collector is also a very special book.


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